Home Alone: Making Sure You’re Safe as Possible

People tend to feel most safe when they’re at home, but being alone, even in your own home, can leave you more vulnerable than you would think.


When you’re at home, you have a sense of security and peace of mind knowing that any harm or wrongdoing that could come your way is outside of your four walls. And a major step in making sure that your safety is maintained, is the per犀利士
sonal security measures you carry out on a daily basis.


There’s no doubt that being at home is a lot safer than being outdoors, but that isn’t to say that being at home, especially while you’re alone, is risk-free. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re as safe as possible while at home alone. And although it’s a good idea to improve your knowledge of personal security, unfortunately, this list doesn’t include any Home Alone-style booby traps.


Lock Your Doors

This may sound like the most obvious home security advice ever, but locking your doors (and windows) is really, really easy to forget. A locked door is the difference between a trouble-free night’s sleep and a burglar who can’t believe their luck.


Locking your doors behind you once inside may seem like an unnecessary measure, especially during the daytime, but doing so will protect you from any burglars trying their luck with an unlocked door. You should also be locking any windows that are on the ground floor or that could easily be accessed.


Get to Know the Neighbours


Getting to know your neighbours may not be at the top of your to-do list, or on it at all, but doing so will provide you with another set of eyes and ears if any safety issues should occur.


This doesn’t mean you have to invite them over for a dinner party or set up a neighbourhood watch meeting (complete with badges and whistles). But a simple introduction will give you the peace of mind knowing that there’s someone next door who’s aware of you being home alone and who will be available in time of need.


The emergency services or security firms will obviously be your go-to solution for any security concerns, but having neighbours who share your concerns and act accordingly will help to maintain a safer community.


Put a Spare Key Somewhere Smart

There are various reasons why you need a spare key somewhere safe and accessible. An example being if you’ve had an accident or medical emergency at home and someone needs to get inside to help you. In this circumstance, it’s a good idea to leave a spare key with a family member or neighbour.


Leaving a key with a neighbour is also an ideal solution if you’ve lost your key. It’s much better than opting for the “fake rock” key holder or hiding it under the doormat. Both well-known methods leave your key vulnerable to being found by an intruder, instantly giving them access to your home.


Alarm Systems & Security Companies


If you live in an area that has previously had break-ins or damage to homes, then it may be worth getting an alarm system installed. The alarm not only alerts you any intruders or damage to your home but it also acts as a major deterrent for anyone attempting to gain entry.


A deterrent is of particular importance for anyone who’s home alone as it helps to prevent any situation where you are confronted by intruders. And in the worst case scenario where an intruder does manage to get inside, an alarm not only alerts you to their presence, but it also gives emergency services or a security company time and awareness for appropriate action.


Motion Detecting Outdoor Lights


Motion detecting lights are perfect for the outside of your home if the area isn’t lit up especially well. Although the main culprit they tend to illuminate is the occasional wandering cat, in instances where someone is trying to damage or gain access to your home, the intruder will be lit up before they can get close enough to do so. Not only will it alert you to their presence, but it also acts as a deterrent.


“Motion detecting” may sound like a high tech expensive gadget, yet this type of light is now very common and therefore available for reasonable prices.


For some people being home alone is an everyday occurrence where they have no concerns for their safety while doing so. For others, it can to be the situation in which they feel most vulnerable. No matter how comfortable and secure you feel while home alone, it’s vital to make sure you’re taking the right steps to ensure your own safety. The tips above are simple yet effective ways to improve the overall safety of your home, especially when you’re on you own.


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Image via Tim Lee / Flickr