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Security and a Smile: Why Concierge Security Will Have a Positive Effect on Your Business Image

Smiling London concierge security staff

A company can use a whole range of marketing techniques to improve a customer’s perception of the business, but it’s often what you do on the ground floor that’s most effective.


As a business, your image is a permanent form of marketing, even when you don’t have an active campaign. Every aspect of your company will contribute to your business image, from the services you offer, right down to the quality of security you have


Home Alone: Making Sure You’re Safe as Possible

door security lock by tim lee on flickr

People tend to feel most safe when they’re at home, but being alone, even in your own home, can leave you more vulnerable than you would think.


When you’re at home, you have a sense of security and peace of mind knowing that any harm or wrongdoing that could come your way is outside of your four walls. And a major step in making sure that your safety is maintained, is the personal


5 Telltale Signs That You Need Residential Security

rusty home lock by kris krüg

Keeping your home or property safe is a top priority, so researching security companies to find the best fit for you is essential


For homeowners, the safety of their property is always a pressing concern. When it comes to your own home, you can never be too safe. These days with the advances in modern technology, there is a huge range of security companies and devices that will aid you in your quest to make


Bars, Private Clubs & Night Venue Services

At all the night time venues we operate, we have an unblemished track record. Our teams are friendly and proactive; engaging with every customer in a welcoming and friendly manner. Our teams are skilled at identifying potentially disruptive groups or individuals before they enter premises, ensuring that the atmosphere of your venue is never tainted.

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