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St. Anne’s has been a London security company for over a decade. We have been providing security personnel to organisations and individuals for so long because of highly trained security personnel and our client-focused security management. As our clients range from embassies to offices, construction sites to depots, multi-occupancy residential properties to private residential clients. Our considered and experienced approach has led to long-lasting relationships because we tailor our services to specifically suit each client.

All of our staff are all fully licensed highly trained security personnel. They are carefully recruited and screened to ensure that only applicants with the right qualities and skills succeed in joining St Anne’s Security. All our employees are assured of support, training and a real opportunity for career development which enables us to provide a focused,  motivated and happy security solution to our clients.

They are all intelligent and skilled communicators, capable of welcoming staff, customers and visitors. We train them to identify and monitor potentially disruptive or unwanted individuals and situations seamlessly and without fuss. When they need to act to resolve a situation they do so in an efficient and effective manner.

They are attentive and helpful, focused on providing a consistent and professional security service.

For each client, we build teams to allow for time off, holidays and any emergencies. This ensures a continuous and consistent level of service. and are not only are highly experienced within the security industry but have managed pubs, bars, hotels theatres, clubs and other businesses. Not only do we know how to provide you with an unmatched quality of service but we understand how to match operatives to businesses.

All our staff are trained to work across a range of our services allowing them to continually develop and improve their skills. This variety and progression inevitably lead to happier, more competent and better-motivated individuals.